District Governor

Rtn. Barjesh Singhal

Born on 16thFebruary 1960 at Jalandhar Cantt in a business family of repute Rtn. Barjesh Singhal is endowed with exceptional qualities of head and heart which have earned him social distinction and respect. A commerce graduate from Guru Nanak Dev University, Rtn Barjesh emerged as a successful certified Stock and Commodity Broker and his two firms namely FairdealSecurities and FairdealStock Brokers are known for transparent and fair dealings. In short he practisesRotary’s Four Way Test in his business dealings as well as in his interpersonal relationships. Ever-since his joining Rotary Club Jalandhar in the year 1992 Mr. Barjesh has served the club in various prestigious positions including Secretary, Vice President and President. At the District level he was District Secretary twice,in addition to being Assistant Governor,Assistant District Trainer, Chairman District Conference, General Project Coordinator,Chairman Community Service and Additional District Secretary. He bagged distinction as the best Club Secretary and the Best Club President of the District. Awards have been bestowed on him from time to time because of his enviable contributions. Rtn Barjesh always volunteers for contributing to Rotary Foundation and he is a multiple Paul Harris Fellow and is on way to becoming a Major Donor. All the members of his family including little grandson are Paul Harris Fellows. He is always keen to visit new places and has travelled to UK, USA, Australia, Europe, China, Korea, South East Asia, Singapore, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Russia and many more.

Rtn Barjesh bubbles with milk of human kindness and spares no opportunity to serve the needy and the under privileged. He weaves a web of friendship wherever he goes. In his interaction with others he is par excellence. This is attested by his unopposed election as District Governor of RID 3070 for the year 2018-19. The positive and optimistic outlook makes him dear to others

He is married to Kiran Singhal, an immensely pleasant personality in her own right. They are blessed with two sons, Sahil & Rahul Singhal. While Sahil is a commerce graduate from Victoria University, Australia, Rahul has finished his B.Com from A.P.J, Jalandhar. Both the sons are now set to add laurels to the family business. Elder son Sahil is married to Veni and the couple are now proud parents to a four year old, Evyaan.